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Thorned Heart Press is currently accepting manuscripts!

What are we looking for? Specifically erotica or romance with plot. This means we will read your manuscript if it is unique and creative, but must not be repeated sex scenes. We are especially excited to read dynamic, detailed, and vivid characters that not only change and develop over the course of the novel but also inspire and change others. 



What we are currently accepting: 

  • Straight erotica

  • MM / FF erotica

  • MMF / MFM erotica

What we are NOT currently accepting: 

  • BDSM / Torture / Rape erotica

  • Rape fantasy erotica

  • Paranormal erotica

  • Any kind of fantasy or science fiction erotica


What we are currently accepting: 

  • Steamy romance (1+ sex scene with explicit details)

  • Small-town steamy romance

  • Interracial romance 

  • Steamy historical romance

What we are currently NOT accepting:

  • Paranormal romance

  • Billionaire romance

  • Any fantasy or science fiction romance


What we are currently accepting:

  • MM romance / erotica

  • FF romance / erotica

  • MFM / MMF romance / erotica

  • Transgender romance / erotica

  • Nonbinary, asexual, or any spectrum romance / erotica 

What we are currently NOT accepting:

  • LGBTQA+ stories that end with suicide, abuse, etc. NHEA (not happily ever after) stories are fine, but need to be written with purpose

Submissions: News


We are currently accepting any manuscripts from 25,000 words up to 100,000 words. 

If you are interested in submitting, please complete our submission interest form here. 

Please follow the formatting guidelines as listed below. Manuscripts without correct formatting will be rejected immediately. 

Formatting Requirements:

  • Size 12pt font

  • Times New Roman font (Calibri is acceptable)

  • Double spaced

  • Please submit only .doc, .docx, or .rtf files. No google docs links or PDF files will be accepted.

Submissions can be emailed to In the subject line please include ACQUISITONS and your name.

Submissions: Text
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